restricted access   Volume 155, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Dance and Movement Dramaturgy

Pil Hansen with Darcey Callison and Bruce Barton

An Act of Rendering: Dance and Movement Dramaturgy

pp. 3-5

Reflecting upon the Role and Education of the Dance Dramaturg

The Role of the Dance Dramaturg: The Practical Necessities

pp. 6-9

Paradoxes of the Dance Dramaturg

pp. 10-15

Friendship Is No Day Job—and Other Thoughts of a Resident Dance Dramaturg

pp. 16-20

From Spectrum to Prism: Shifting Positions on Dance Dramaturgy—a Conference Response

pp. 21-24

Navigating a Continuum: MFA Dance Dramaturgy Research at York University

pp. 25-28

Sharing Dance Dramaturgical Cases

The Shape of Space: Laban Movement Analysis as a Methodology for Dance Dramaturgy

pp. 29-32


pp. 33-36

What Are You Doing?: Dramaturgical Approaches to Eesti: Myths and Machines

pp. 37-40

Articulating Movement Dramaturgical Strategies

Moving Thoughts

pp. 41-45

Delicious Risk: Progress Lab 1422's Obstructions as "Group Dramaturgy"

pp. 46-49

Transmission: Dramaturgical Bodies

pp. 50-53

Writing in and on Dance

Rewriting Distance: Bridging the Space between Dramaturg and Dancer

pp. 54-57

Writing Dramaturgical Notes for Dance: "Carol's Dance Notes" 1996-2012

pp. 58-62

Performance Recipe and Performance Text

Adaptation Project: A Performance Recipe

pp. 63-66


pp. 67-88

Views and Reviews


pp. 89-90

Dancing the Iceberg

pp. 90-93

Stage Turns: Canadian Disability Theatre by Kirsty Johnson (review)

pp. 93-95

World Scenography 1975-1990 ed. by Peter McKinnon and Eric Fielding (review)

pp. 95-98

Root Vegetables and Reflections on West Coast Culture: Radix's BEUTFL CARATS for Progress Lab

pp. 98-101

The Edge Project: Good to Go

pp. 101-103