restricted access   Number 16, July 2013

Table of Contents


Himalayan Water Security: The Challenges for South and Southeast Asia


pp. 2-3

Asia's Unstable Water Tower: The Politics, Economics, and Ecology of Himalayan Water Projects

pp. 4-10

China's Upstream Advantage in the Great Himalayan Watershed

pp. 11-18

Melting the Geopolitical Ice in South Asia

pp. 19-25

Himalayan Water Security: A South Asian Perspective

pp. 26-31

Hydropower Dams on the Mekong: Old Dreams, New Dangers

pp. 32-38

Climate Change and Water Security in the Himalayan Region

pp. 39-44

Securing the Himalayas as the Water Tower of Asia: An Environmental Perspective

pp. 45-50


A New Type of Major-Power Relationship: Seeking a Durable Foundation for U.S.-China Ties

pp. 51-68

China's Transition to a More Credible Nuclear Deterrent: Implications and Challenges for the United States

pp. 69-101

Expanding Contacts to Enhance Durability: A Strategy for Improving U.S.-China Military-to-Military Relations

pp. 103-137

Policy Succession and the Next Cross-Strait Crisis

pp. 139-159

Book Review Roundtable

Alexander Cooley’s Great Games, Local Rules: The New Great Power Contest in Central Asia

Central Asia as a Case Study for a Multipolar World

pp. 161-164

How to Suborn Great Powers

pp. 164-167

Winners and Losers of Strategic Games in Central Asia

pp. 167-170

Old Games, New Rules?: Great Powers in the New Central Asia

pp. 171-174

Why Washington Needs to Integrate the New Silk Road with the Pivot to Asia

pp. 175-178

Domestic Challenges, International Opportunities: Understanding Security Cooperation in Central Asia

pp. 179-181

The Rules of Central Asia's Games Are Changing

pp. 181-184

Can We Change the Rules?: External Actors and Central Asia Beyond 2014

pp. 185-191