restricted access   Volume 135, Number 4, August 2013

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From: American Journal of Mathematics

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Classicité en théorie de Hida.

pp. 861-889

On the finite presentation of subdirect products and the nature of residually free groups

pp. 891-933

Global dynamics away from the ground state for the energy-critical nonlinear wave equation

pp. 935-965

The instability of Bourgain-Wang solutions for the L2 critical NLS

pp. 967-1017

Functional equations of Weng's zeta functions for (G,P)/Q

pp. 1019-1038

From sheaves on P2 to a generalization of the Rademacher expansion

pp. 1039-1065

A uniform spectral gap for congruence covers of a hyperbolic manifold

pp. 1067-1085

A recipe for short-word pseudo-Anosovs

pp. 1087-1116

Automorphic symbols, p-adic L-functions and ordinary cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties

pp. 1117-1155