restricted access   Volume 28, Number 3, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Tikkun Recommends

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Readers Respond

pp. 3-4


Pragmatic Compromises Will Never Yield the World We Seek

pp. 5-8

Politics and Society

Boycott Hyatt and Patronize Union Hotels: A Jewish Obligation of the Union for Reform Judaism

pp. 9-13

Rethinking Religion

Rethinking Prophecy

pp. 13-17

Sleeping in the Dust at Burning Man

pp. 17-22

Special Section: Immigration

Away With All Borders: Embracing Immigration and Ending Deportation

p. 21

Away With All Borders: The Immigration Mess

pp. 22-24

Immigration: A Difficult Love Story

pp. 25-27

The New Abolitionism: The Struggle to End Deportation

pp. 28-32

Healing the Wound: Immigration, Activism, and Policies

pp. 31-33, 65

How to Stop a Deportation

pp. 34-39

Rethinking Immigration with Art

pp. 38-41

Creating Sanctuary: Faith-Based Activism for Migrant Justice

pp. 41-45

A New Social Contract: Social Welfare in an Era of Transnational Migration

pp. 44-46

Living in the Shadow of SB 1070: Organizing for Migrant Rights in Arizona

pp. 47-49

An Evangelical Perspective on Immigration

pp. 49-50

Love the Stranger: Looking to the Torah for Guidance on Immigration Policy

pp. 51-53

Awakening to the Story in My Bones: Border Crossings, Detention, and Asylum

pp. 53-54



Spirituality in a Broken World

pp. 55-57

Queering Palestinian Solidarity Work

pp. 58-61


Translation depends, not on what must be included, but on what must not be left out

p. 72