restricted access   Volume 40, Number 3, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Human Rights and Cultural Forms

Editorial Note

p. 7


Introduction: On Texts and Performatics

pp. 9-14

Meditations on a Fractured Terrain: Human Rights and Literature

pp. 15-37

Masking Fanon

pp. 38-59

Sawwaru Waynkum?” Human Rights and Social Trauma in Waltz with Bashir

pp. 60-80

“The Universal is the Entire Collection of Particulars”: Grounding Identity in a Shared Horizon of Humanity

pp. 81-98

Contagion, Cosmopolitanism, and Human Rights in Phaswane Mpe’s Welcome to Our Hillbrow

pp. 99-112

Yael Farber’s Molora and Colleen Wagner’s the Monument as Post-Conflict Redress Theater

pp. 113-137

Kairos and Comics: Reading Human Rights Intercontextually in Joe Sacco’s Graphic Narratives

pp. 138-155

Museums of Human Bodies

pp. 156-175

Book Reviews

The Deliverance of Others: Reading Literature in a Global Age by Palumbo-Liu, David (review)

pp. 176-179

Theoretical Perspectives on Human Rights and Literature by Goldberg, Elizabeth Swanson, and Alexandra Schultheis Moore (review)

pp. 180-182

Imagining Human Rights in Twenty-First Century Theatre: Global Perspectives by Becker, Florian N., Paola S. Hernández, and Brenda Werth (review)

pp. 183-186

Obscure Invitations: The Persistence of the Author in Twentieth-Century American Literature by Widiss, Benjamin (review)

pp. 187-189


Books Received

pp. 190-191