restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2, July 2013 (No. 41)

Table of Contents

What Is Caribbean Studies?

On the Question of Caribbean Studies

pp. 1-7

What Is an Island?: Caribbean Studies and the Contemporary Visual Artist

pp. 8-26

Caribbean Studies, Archive Building, and the Problem of Violence

pp. 27-42

On the Idea of a Caribbean Cultural Studies

pp. 43-57

Finding the Field: Notes on Caribbean Cultural Criticism, Area Studies, and the Forms of Engagement

pp. 58-73

Caribbean Studies as Practice: Insights from Border-Crossing Histories and Research

pp. 74-87

Assemblages of Experts: The Caribbean Court of Justice and the Modernity of Caribbean Postcoloniality

pp. 88-107

Returns to a Native Land: Indigeneity and Decolonization in the Anglophone Caribbean

pp. 108-122

Beyond Geography, Past Time: Afrofuturism, The Rainmaker's Mistake, and Caribbean Studies

pp. 123-135

Gazing Outward and Looking Back: Configuring Caribbean Visual Culture

pp. 136-153

Transnational Migration, the State, and Development: Reflecting on the "Diaspora Option"

pp. 154-171

The Lost New World of Caribbean Studies: Recalling an Un-American Puerto Rico Project

pp. 172-185

Locating Caribbean Architecture: Narratives and Strategies

pp. 186-202

Literary Competition Winners 2012


Lunar Planting

pp. 203-210

Coming Back to Life

pp. 211-222

Short Fiction

The Dragonfly's Tale

pp. 223-236

Lobster Hand

pp. 237-242

Visual Life of Catastrophic History

Blackout: Kingston 12, Jamaica

pp. 243-254

Nonsynchronous Cartographies: Frank Bowling's Map Paintings

pp. 255-273


pp. 274-277