restricted access   Volume 63, Number 3, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Hugo Preuss’s Concept of the Volk: Critical confusion or sophisticated conception?

pp. 347-384

Copyright originality and judicial originality

pp. 385-417

The office of ownership

pp. 418-461

Focus – R V Mabior and R V DC: Sex, HIV, and Non-Disclosure, Take Two


pp. 462-465

Sex, lies, and HIV: Mabior and the concept of sexual fraud

pp. 467-474

The over-criminalization of persons with HIV

pp. 475-484

Injustice amplified by HIV non-disclosure ruling

pp. 485-495

Review Article

Birthright citizenship, immigration, and global poverty

pp. 496-510

Book Reviews

Tribal Constitutionalism: States, Tribes and the Governance of Membership by Kirsty Gover, and: Beyond Blood: Rethinking Indigenous Identity by Pamela D Palmater (review)

pp. 511-515

Immigration and the Constraints of Justice by Ryan Pevnick, and: Migration and Human Rights: The United Nations Convention on Migrant Workers’ Rights by Paul De Guchteneire, Antoine Pécoud, Ryszard Cholewinski (review)

pp. 516-526

Principle and Policy in Contract Law: Competing or Complementary Concepts? by Stephen Waddams (review)

pp. 527-532