restricted access   Volume 28, Number 1, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Beginning Again: The Boundaries of Self-Invention in Shimon Ballas’s Be-Guf Rishon

pp. 2-35

Reading for Narrative Truth through the Absence of Narrative Awareness in Wilkomirski’s Fragments

pp. 36-63

The Communally Derived Ethnic Self in Richard Rodriguez’s Hunger of Memory

pp. 64-85

“Every Trivial Little Thing”: Sei Shonagon and the Poetics of Insignificance

pp. 86-111

Embodied Triumph and Political Mobilization: Reading Marvelyn Brown’s The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful and (HIV) Positive

pp. 112-125

Folding Back the Skin of Text: Anne Michaels’s Fugitive Pieces of Trauma, Testimony, and Auto/Biographical Form(s)

pp. 126-149

Talking Amongst Ourselves: Auntie Rita, A Private and Public Conversation of Healing

pp. 150-166


Memoir: An Introduction by G. Thomas Couser (review)

pp. 167-170

A Thousand Darknesses: Lies and Truth in Holocaust Fiction by Ruth Franklin (review)

pp. 171-174


pp. 175-176