restricted access   Volume 49, Number 3, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Sharing an Artichoke

p. 349

Absence, and: Quixotic Propositions

pp. 350-354

An Ocean Park Series Conversation

p. 355

In Another Country, and: Letter to the Man I Once Was, and: The Problem of You

pp. 383-385

If Not Holy

pp. 386-387

Ode to Red and Speedy, and: Reading Can Kill You

pp. 388-391

You Could, and: Other People, and: Forgiveness Poem

pp. 404-408

Parasol, and: The Madwoman's Daughter

pp. 409-410

Ode to Clich├ęs, and: Things Nick Told Me

pp. 423-424

Heterodox, and: The Inverted World, and: Pallid

pp. 425-428

The Saddest Bid for Immortality Ever Devised, and: Caught, and: A Demonstration of How One Thing Leads to Another, and: An Explanation of How One Thing Leads to Another, and: Blackbirds

pp. 429-433


p. 443

The Dream Protects the Dreamer and: The Alias Maker

pp. 444-450

The life-and-death world of carpentry, and: To speak somewhat figuratively for S., and: Some math, some words, and: Ode to (fear of) desire

pp. 468-474

The Wall, and: Affirmative Action Babies

pp. 475-476

To Try to Contain Absence

pp. 490-491

Progress, and: Look Out Hollywood, Here I Come

pp. 494-495

Corpse's Lullaby, and: Golden Mean

pp. 496-497

Visiting Hours, and: Seated Dancer in Profile, and: Dressing Room

pp. 515-517

An Invisible Violin with Perfect Pitch

pp. 518-519

One Afternoon on Royal Street

p. 520


p. 521


The Seamy Side

pp. 356-382

Europe on Five Dollars a Day

pp. 411-422

The Door at the End of the Hallway

pp. 451-467

Sound Side

pp. 498-514


Year of the Dogs

pp. 392-403

The Skelleton of This Monster on the Sand

pp. 477-489

Visual Art

Artist's Statement

pp. 434-442


pp. v-ix