restricted access   Volume 76, Number 3, Summer 2003

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From: Anthropological Quarterly

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Marginality and Subjectivity in the Haitian Diaspora

pp. 383-410

Shi'a Women's Rituals in Northwest Pakistan: The Shortcomings and Significance of Resistance

pp. 411-442

Social Thought and Commentary

Cracking Down on Diaspora: Arab Detroit and America's "War on Terror"

pp. 443-462

The Concept of the Sustainable Economy and the Promise of Japan's Transformation

pp. 463-478

Iraq and Democracy

pp. 479-483

In the Eye of the Storm: The State and Non-Violence in Southern Africa (Botswana)

pp. 485-495

Islam and Modernity in Turkey: Power, Tradition and Historicity in the European Provinces of the Muslim World

pp. 497-517

New Releases (Books Published This Quarter)

Beyond Honor and Shame: Performing Gender in the Mediterranean

pp. 519-530

Performing the Nation in Chicago

pp. 531-538

Reconstructing Tantric Sex

pp. 539-544

Book Reviews

Natural and Moral History of the Indies (review)

pp. 545-548

Producing Culture and Capital: Family Firms in Italy (review)

pp. 549-552

Trans-Status Subject: Gender in the Globalization of South and Southeast Asia (review)

pp. 553-559

Native American Representations: First Encounters, Distorted Images, and Literary Appropriations (review)

pp. 561-563

The Stranger Next Door: The Story of a Small Community's Battle over Sex, Faith, and Civil Rights (review)

pp. 565-567