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Rousseau and the Reserve of Nature: A Rejoinder to Derrida

pp. 307-322

La 'Mort de l'auteur' dans l'écriture autobiographique romantique: à propos du 'jeune' François-René de Chateaubriand (René) et d'Alfred de Musset (La Confession d'un enfant du siècle)

pp. 323-339

'Like an Apparition': Oriental Ghosting in Flaubert's Éducation sentimentale

pp. 340-354

Revenant(s) de guerre?: Spectres of Decolonization in the French Second World War Combat Film

pp. 355-370

Deleuze on Painting

pp. 371-385

État présent


pp. 386-393


The Song of Roland: Translations of the Versions in Assonance and Rhyme of the 'Chanson de Roland' by Joseph J. Duggan and Annalee C. Rejhon (review)

p. 394

Three Anglo-Norman Chronicles ed. by Peter T. Ricketts (review)

p. 395

Reading the World: Encyclopedic Writing in the Scholastic Age by Mary Franklin-Brown (review)

pp. 395-396

Prose Brut to 1332 ed. by Heather Pagan (review)

pp. 396-397

Constantinople and the West in Medieval French Literature: Renewal and Utopia by Rima Devereaux (review)

pp. 397-398

Le Prince en son 'miroir': littérature et politique sous les premiers Valois. Actes des rencontres internationales organisées à Dunkerque (Université du Littoral — Côte d'Opale), le jeudi 22 octobre 2009 ed. by Jean Devaux et Alain Marchandisse (review)

p. 398

Christine de Pizan et son époque: actes du colloque international des 9, 10 et 11 décembre 2011 à Amiens by Danielle Buschinger et al. (review)

p. 399

1511-2011, Philippe de Commynes. Droit, écriture: deux piliers de la souveraineté ed. by Joël Blanchard (review)

pp. 399-400

Étienne Dolet, 1509-2009 ed. by Michèle Clément (review)

pp. 400-401

'Entre deux airs': style simple et ethos poétique chez Clément Marot et Joachim Du Bellay (1515-1560) by Corinne Noirot-Maguire (review)

pp. 401-402

Colonizer or Colonized: The Hidden Stories of Early Modern French Culture by Sara E. Melzer (review)

pp. 402-403

Corps et interprétation (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles) by Clotilde Thouret et Lise Wajeman (review)

pp. 403-404

Le Songe et la raison: essai sur Descartes by Tony James (review)

p. 404

Changing Perspectives: Studies on Racine in Honor of John Campbell ed. by Ronald W. Tobin and Angus J. Kennedy (review)

pp. 404-405

The Financial Decline of a Great Power: War, Influence, and Money in Louis XIV's France by Guy Rowlands (review)

pp. 405-406

Eating the Enlightenment: Food and the Sciences in Paris, 1670-1760 by E. C. Spary (review)

pp. 406-407

The Royal Financial Administration and the Prosecution of Crime in France, 1670-1789 by Albert N. Hamscher (review)

pp. 407-408

Penser l'ordre naturel, 1680-1810 ed. by Adrien Paschoud and Nathalie Vuillemin (review)

pp. 408-409

Théâtre complet, I: 'Idoménée', 'Atrée et Thyeste', 'Électre', 'Rhadamisthe et Zénobie', 'Xercès' by Prosper Jolyot De Crébillon (review)

p. 409

Jean-Jacques Rousseau en 2012: 'puisqu' enfin mon nom doit vivre' ed. by Michael O'Dea (review)

pp. 409-410

Voix et mémoire: lectures de Rousseau by Anne-Marie Mercier-Faivre et Michael O'Dea (review)

pp. 410-411

New Essays on Diderot ed. by James Fowler (review)

pp. 411-412

Rétif de la Bretonne spectateur nocturne: une esthétique de la pauvreté by Philippe Barr (review)

p. 412

The Acadian Diaspora: An Eighteenth-Century History by Christopher Hodson (review)

p. 413

Le Bonheur au féminin: stratégies narratives des romancières des Lumières by Isabelle Tremblay (review)

pp. 413-414

Le Roman libertin au XVIIIe siècle: une esthétique de la séduction by Dominique Hölzle (review)

pp. 414-415

Traduire et illustrer le roman au XVIIIe siècle ed. by Nathalie Ferrand (review)

pp. 415-416

Books without Borders in Enlightenment Europe: French Cosmopolitanism and German Literary Markets by Jeffrey Freedman (review)

p. 416

Mime, Music and Drama on the Eighteenth-Century Stage: The Ballet d'action by Edward Nye (review)

p. 417

The Saint-Aubin 'Livre de caricatures': Drawing Satire in Eighteenth-Century Paris ed. by Colin Jones, Juliet Carey, and Emily Richardson (review)

pp. 417-418

A Virtue for Courageous Minds: Moderation in French Political Thought, 1748-1830 by Aurelian Craiutu (review)

pp. 418-419

Les Boudoirs dans l'œuvre d'Honoré de Balzac: surveiller, mentir, désirer, mourir by Jean-François Richer (review)

pp. 419-420

George Sand et la vie littéraire dans les premières années du Second Empire by Mariette Delamaire (review)

pp. 420-421

Material Figures: Political Economy, Commercial Culture, and the Aesthetic Sensibility of Charles Baudelaire by Marguerite S. Murphy (review)

p. 421

Parisian Intersections: Baudelaire's Legacy to Composers by Helen Abbott (review)

pp. 421-422

Perspectives on Manet by Therese Dolan (review)

pp. 422-423

Rimbaud's Impressionist Poetics: Vision and Visuality by Aimée Israel-Pelletier (review)

pp. 423-424

Camille Saint-Saëns and his World ed. by Jann Pasler (review)

pp. 424-425

Bergson, Politics, and Religion ed. by Alexandre Lefebvre and Melanie White (review)

pp. 425-426

Actualités d'André Gide: actes du colloque international organisé au Palais Neptune de Toulon et à la Villa Noailles à Hyères les 10, 11 et 12 mars 2011 ed. by Martine Sagaert et Peter Schnyder (review)

p. 426

André Gide-Paul Fort: Correspondance (1893-1934) ed. by Akio Yoshii (review)

p. 427

La Création romanesque de Proust: la genèse de 'Combray' by Akio Wada (review)

pp. 427-428

Proust, the One, and the Many: Identity and Difference in 'À la recherche du temps perdu' by Erika Fülöp (review)

pp. 428-429

Enacting Brittany: Tourism and Culture in Provincial France, 1871-1939 by Patrick Young (review)

p. 429

Franco-British Cultural Exchanges, 1880-1940: Channel Packets ed. by Andrew Radford and Victoria Reid (review)

p. 430

By Sword and Plow: France and the Conquest of Algeria by Jennifer E. Sessions (review)

pp. 430-431

La Chair du livre: matérialité, imaginaire et poétique du livre fin-de-siècle by Évanghélia Stead (review)

pp. 431-432

The French Avant-garde ed. by Stephen Forcer and Emma Wagstaff (review)

pp. 432-433

Neither God nor Master: Robert Bresson and Radical Politics by Brian Price (review)

pp. 433-434

Sartre's Second Century ed. by Benedict O'Donohoe and Roy Elveton (review)

p. 434

Samuel Beckett and Pain ed. by Mariko Hori Tanaka, Yoshiki Tajiri, and Michiko Tsushima, and: L'Éthique beckettienne et sa réalisation dans la forme by Caroline Mannweiler (review)

p. 435

Impotence and Making in Samuel Beckett's Trilogy 'Molloy, Malone Dies' and 'The Unnamable' and 'How It Is' by Joanne Shaw, and: Say It: The Performative Voice in the Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett by Sarah West (review)

pp. 436-437

Claude Simon: situations ed. by Paul Dirkx and Pascal Mougin (review)

pp. 437-438

Philosophy after Deleuze: Deleuze and the Genesis of Representation II by Joe Hughes (review)

p. 438

Shoah by Sue Vice (review)

pp. 438-439

Derrida: Ethics under Erasure by Nicole Anderson (review)

pp. 439-440

The Body Besieged: The Embodiment of Historical Memory in Nina Bouraoui and Leïla Sebbar by Helen Vassallo (review)

pp. 440-441

Sylvie Germain: les essais — un espace transgénérique by Mariska Koopman-Thurlings (review)

pp. 441-442

Les Bas-fonds: histoire d'un imaginaire by Dominique Kalifa (review)

pp. 442-443

Britain and the Defeated French: From Occupation to Liberation, 1940-1944 by Peter Mangold (review)

p. 443

Esthétique du rire ed. by Alain Vaillant (review)

p. 444

L'Irrespect: entre idéalisme et nihilisme ed. by Julien Roumette (review)

pp. 444-445

American Creoles: The Francophone Caribbean and the American South ed. by Martin Munro and Celia Britton (review)

pp. 445-446

Haitian History: New Perspectives ed. by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall (review)

pp. 446-447

Literature and History: Around 'Suite française' and 'Les Bienveillantes' ed. by Richard J. Golsan and Philip Watts (review)

pp. 447-448

Literature and Painting in Quebec: From Imagery to Identity by William J. Berg (review)

pp. 448-449

Des littératures-mondes en français: écritures singulières, poétiques transfrontalières dans la prose contemporaine by Oana Panaïté (review)

p. 449

Love, Mortality and the Moving Image by Emma Wilson (review)

p. 450

Les Mythologies individuelles: récit de soi et photographie au 20e siècle by Magali Nachtergael (review)

pp. 450-451

Penser les langues avec Claire Blanche-Benveniste ed. by Sandrine Caddéo et al. (review)

pp. 451-452


Peter Thomas Ricketts (1933-2013)

pp. 453-454


Books Received

pp. 455-461

Forthcoming Articles

p. 462