restricted access   Volume 5, 2013

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-2

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Fans and the Objects of Their Devotion

pp. 3-8


Teasing Out Clues, Not Kooks: The Man Nobody Knows and Ben-Hur

pp. 9-23

“You are no stranger to me”: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Fan Mail

pp. 24-40

“Are you still Chinese?”: Negotiations of Cultural Identity in the Yang Lijuan Affair

pp. 41-60

Teams, Tears, and Testimonials: A Rhetorical Reading of the Twilight Time Capsule

pp. 61-75

Book Reviews

Sylvia Plath and the Mythology of Women Readers by Janet Badia (review)

pp. 76-78

Postcolonial Audiences: Readers, Viewers, and Reception ed. by Bethan Benwell, James Procter, and Gemma Robinson (review)

pp. 78-81

Murder Most Foul: “Hamlet” Through the Ages by David Bevington (review)

pp. 82-85

Listening and Longing: Music Lovers in the Age of Barnum by Daniel Cavicchi (review)

pp. 85-88

Jane Austen and Her Readers, 1786–1945 by Kate Halsey (review)

pp. 88-91

Reading Newspapers: Press and Public in Eighteenth-Century Britain and America by Uriel Heyd (review)

pp. 91-92

The Woman Reader by Belinda Jack (review)

pp. 93-96

A Return to the English Common Reader: Print Culture and the Novel, 1850–1900 ed. by Beth Palmer, Adelene Buckland (review)

pp. 97-100

How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain by Leah Price (review)

pp. 100-103

Bodies and Books: Reading and the Fantasy of Communion in Nineteenth-Century America by Gillian Silverman (review)

pp. 103-105

Reading and Disorder in Antebellum America by David M. Stewart (review)

pp. 106-108

New Books in Audience and Reception Studies

pp. 109-110


pp. 111-112