restricted access   Volume 46, Number 91, Mai-May 2013

Table of Contents


The Protestants of Loudun: The Fragile Existence of a Religious Minority in Seventeenth-Century France (1598–1685)

pp. 1-41

Bodily Pain, Combat, and the Politics of Memoirs: Between the American Civil War and the War in Vietnam

pp. 43-61

The “Taint of Self”: Reflections on Ralph Connor, his Fans, and the Problem of Morality in Recent Canadian Historiography

pp. 63-90

The Great Canadian Machine Gun Mania of 1915: The Public, the Press, and Government Decision Making in Procuring Machine Guns for the Canadian Expeditionary Force

pp. 91-120

La Fédération nationale Saint-Jean Baptiste, le droit de vote et l’avancement du statut civique et politique des femmes au Québec

pp. 121-144

Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal Communities and Residential Schools, 1942–1952

pp. 145-172

Managing Democracy, Defending Capitalism: Gilbert E. Jackson, the Canadian Committee on Industrial Reconstruction, and the Changing Form of Elite Politics in Canada

pp. 173-204

Note de recherche / Research Note

250 ans de suicides au Québec: Les fondations d’une recherche dans les Archives du coroner

pp. 205-221

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews

Wet Prairie: People, Land, and Water in Agricultural Manitoba by Shannon S. Bower (review)

pp. 223-225

Wife to Widow: Lives, Laws, and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Montreal by Bettina Bradbury (review)

pp. 225-227

Cold War Comforts: Canadian Women, Child Safety, and Global Insecurity by Tarah Brookfield (review)

pp. 227-229

The Deepest Sense: A Cultural History of Touch by Constance Classen (review)

pp. 229-231

The Frankenstein of 1790 and Other Lost Chapters from Revolutionary France by Julia Douthwaite (review)

pp. 231-233

Canadians and the Natural Environment to the Twenty-First Century by Neil S. Forkey (review)

pp. 233-235

The Codex Canadensis and the Writings of Louis Nicolas by François-Marc Gagnon, Nancy Senior, and Réal Ouellet (review)

pp. 235-236

Subverting Exclusion: Transpacific Encounters with Race, Caste, and Borders, 1885–1928 by Andrea Geiger (review)

pp. 237-239

Brève histoire du régime seigneurial by Benoît Grenier (review)

pp. 239-241

Rethinking Professionalism: Women and Art in Canada, 1850–1970 by Kristina Huneault and Janice Anderson (review)

pp. 241-243

Strong, Beautiful and Modern: National Fitness in Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, 1935–1960 by Charlotte Macdonald (review)

pp. 243-245

Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality. The road to Gender Equality Since 1867 by Lorna R. Marsden (review)

pp. 245-247

Documenting First Wave Feminisms, vol. I: Transnational Collaborations and Crosscurrents ed. by Maureen Moynagh and Nancy Forestell (review)

pp. 248-250

Settling and Unsettling Memories. Essays in Canadian Public History by Nicole Neatby and Peter Hodgins (review)

pp. 250-251

Peopling the North American City: Montreal 1840–1900 by Sherry Olson and Patricia Thornton (review)

pp. 251-253

Eyes to the South: French Anarchists and Algeria by David Porter (review)

pp. 253-255

The Witch in the Western Imagination by Lyndal Roper (review)

pp. 256-258

Through Feminist Eyes: Essays on Canadian Women’s History by Joan Sangster (review)

pp. 258-260

Bridging Two Peoples: Chief Peter E. Jones, 1843–1909 by Allan Sherwin (review)

pp. 260-262

Canadian Social Policy. Issues and Perspectives, 5th edition ed. by Anne Westhues and Brian Wharf (review)

pp. 262-263

Downs: The History of a Disability by David Wright (review)

pp. 263-266