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p. vii

Southeast Asian Affairs: Forty Years of Research and Analysis

pp. ix-x


pp. xi-xxii

The Region

Divided or Together?: Southeast Asia in 2012

pp. 1-16

Southeast Asian Economies: Building the Base for Stronger, Better Distributed Growth

pp. 17-39

Southeast Asia in America’s Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific

pp. 40-50

Chinese Perspectives on the U.S. Role in Southeast Asia

pp. 51-60

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam in 2012: Towards a Zikir Nation

pp. 61-69


Cambodia in 2012: Towards Developmental Authoritarianism?

pp. 71-86

Cambodia’s Border Conflict with Thailand

pp. 87-100


Indonesian Politics in 2012: Graft, Intolerance, and Hope of Change in the Late Yudhoyono Period

pp. 101-120

Resource Nationalism and Constitutional Jihad

pp. 121-134


Laos in 2012: In the Name of Democracy

pp. 135-150


Malaysia in 2012: Promises of Reform; Promises Met?

pp. 153-167

Shades of Citizenship: Betwixt the Civic and the Ethnic

pp. 168-188


Myanmar in 2012: mhyaw ta lin lin or Great Expectations

pp. 189-203

Myanmar’s 2012 By-Elections: The Return of NLD

pp. 204-219

The Philippines

The Philippines Under Aquino III, Year 2: A Ponderous Slog Continues

pp. 221-239

The Philippines in the South China Sea: Out of Time, Out of Options?

pp. 240-253


Singapore in 2012: A Year of Scandals, Attempted Political Engagement, and Socio-economic Anxieties

pp. 255-272

Singapore’s Population Conundrum: The Great Balancing Act 2

pp. 274-284


Thailand in 2012: A Year of Truth, Reconciliation, and Continued Divide

pp. 285-304


Timor-Leste in 2012: The Harsh Reality of Independence

pp. 305-322


Vietnam in 2012: A Rent-Seeking State on the Verge of a Crisis

pp. 323-347

Navigating the Crisis: The VCP’s Efforts to Restructure the Economy and Fight Corruption

pp. 348-365