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  Volume 51, Number 3, July 2013

Table of Contents


Aristotle’s Scientific Inquiry into Natural Slavery

pp. 331-353 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0067

Perceptual Self-Awareness in Seneca, Augustine, and Olivi

pp. 355-382 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0061

Imitation, Representation, and Humanity in Spinoza’s Ethics

pp. 383-407 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0045

L’expression leibnizienne et ses modèles mathématiques

pp. 409-439 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0049

Honesty and Curiosity in Nietzsche’s Free Spirits

pp. 441-463 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0053

Notes and Discussion

On the Recently Discovered Vatican Manuscript of Spinoza’s Ethics

pp. 465-476 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0065

Book Reviews

Parmenides, Venerable and Awesome: Proceedings of the International Symposium ed. by Néstor-Luis Cordero (review)

pp. 477-478 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0063

The Musical Structure of Plato’s Dialogues by J. B. Kennedy (review)

pp. 478-480 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0059

Aristotle and Plotinus on the Intellect. Monism and Dualism Revisited by Mark D. Nyvlt (review)

pp. 480-481 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0055

Galen; On Problematical Movements by Vivian Nutton, Gerrit Bos (review)

pp. 481-482 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0051

Lessons from Aquinas: A Resolution of the Problem of Faith and Reason by Creighton Rosental (review)

pp. 483-484 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0047

Laus Platonici Philosophi: Marsilio Ficino and His Influence ed. by Stephen Clucas, Peter J. Forshaw, Valery Rees (review)

pp. 484-485 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0068

Commentaries on Plato, Volume 2 by Marsilio Ficino (review)

pp. 485-486 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0064

Weakness of the Will in Renaissance and Reformation Thought by Risto Saarinen (review)

pp. 487-488 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0060

Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau by John Plamenatz (review)

pp. 488-489 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0056

Isaac Newton’s Scientific Method: Turning Data into Evidence about Gravity and Cosmology by William L. Harper (review)

pp. 489-491 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0052

The Evident Connexion: Hume on Personal Identity by Galen Strawson (review)

pp. 491-492 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0048

Kant’s Idealism: New Interpretations of a Controversial Doctrine ed. by Dennis Schulting, Jacco Verburgt (review)

pp. 492-494 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0044

No Religion without Idolatry: Mendelssohn’s Jewish Enlightenment by Gideon Freudenthal (review)

pp. 494-495 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0066

Spinoza and German Idealism ed. by Eckart Förster, Yitzhak Y. Melamed (review)

pp. 495-496 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0062

Esotericism and the Academy: Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture by Wouter J. Hanegraaff (review)

pp. 496-497 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0058

The Literary Kierkegaard by Eric Ziolkowski (review)

pp. 498-499 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0054

Wittgenstein in Exile by James C. Klagge (review)

pp. 499-500 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0050

Essays on the History of Ethics by Michael Slote (review)

pp. 500-501 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0046

Books Received

pp. 503-505 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0057

JHP Announcements

pp. 506-507 | DOI: 10.1353/hph.2013.0069

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