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From: Sign Language Studies

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The Silent Inventor: The Creation of a Sign Language by the Only Deaf-Mute on a Polynesian Island.

pp. 1-27

Language Acquisition: Pantomime and Gesture to Signed English

pp. 29-38

Some Characteristics of Pidgin Sign English

pp. 39-46

Inter-Rule Implication in American Sign Language

pp. 47-56

Deaf Awareness

pp. 57-59

Aphasia and Deafness

pp. 61-71

What Language Do Deaf Children Acquire?: A Review Article

pp. 72-78

Cues or Signs: A Case Study in Language Acquisition

pp. 79-92

Comments on the Nash Case Study

pp. 93-98

A Dissertation Proposal

pp. 99-112

Research Reports

Sign Language: Coming of Age

pp. 113-115

Sign Language Stimulus in Vocabulary Learning of a Brain-Injured Child

pp. 116-118

SLS Style Notes

pp. 28-92