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Fiction 1

pp. 315-322

Fiction 2

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The Early Greek Poets and Their Times by Anthony J. Podlecki (review)

pp. 399-400

Parmenides of Elea: ‘Fragments,’ A Text and Translation by David Gallop (review)

pp. 401-402

Le Calendrier romain, recherches chronologiques by Pierre Brind'Amour (review)

pp. 402-403

Dramatic Texts and Records of Britain: A Chronological Topography of Britain to 1558 by Ian Lancashire (review)

pp. 404-405

Mirror up to Shakespeare: Essays in Honour of G.R. Hibbard ed. by J.C. Gray (review)

pp. 405-407

Women and the English Renaissance: Literature and the Nature of Womankind, 1540–1620 by Linda Woodbridge (review)

pp. 407-409

Fulfilling the Circle: A Study of John Donne's Thought by Terry G. Sherwood (review)

pp. 409-411

The Works of Thomas Vaughan ed. by Alan Rudrum (review)

pp. 411-413

Henry Fielding: Political Writer by Thomas R. Cleary (review)

pp. 413-414

Horace Walpole: A Reference Guide by Peter Sabor (review)

pp. 414-415

Editing Polymaths: Erasmus to Russell. Papers given at the eighteenth annual Conference on Editorial Problems University of Toronto 5–6 November 1982 ed. by H.J. Jackson (review)

pp. 415-417

Walter Scott: The Making of the Novelist by Jane Millgate (review)

pp. 417-419

George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study by Michael Collie and Angus Fraser (review)

pp. 419-420

Middlemarch by Kerry McSweeney (review)

pp. 420-421

Vital Candle: Victorian and Modern Bearings in Gerard Manley Hopkins ed. by John S. North and Michael D. Moore (review)

pp. 421-423

A Kipling Companion by Norman Page (review)

pp. 423-424

Graham Greene: The Artist as Critic by Elizabeth Davis (review)

pp. 424-426

In Their Words: Interviews with Fourteen Canadian Writers by Bruce Meyer and Brian O'Riordan (review)

pp. 426-427

A Climate Charged by B.W. Powe (review)

pp. 427-429

Canadian Literary Landmarks by John Robert Colombo (review)

p. 429

An Odd Attempt in a Woman: The Literary Life of Frances Brooke by Lorraine McMullen (review)

pp. 429-431

North of America: Images of Canada in the Literature of the United States, 1775–1900 by James Doyle (review)

pp. 431-433

The History of Prairie Theatre by E. Ross Stuart (review)

pp. 433-435

Isabella Valancy Crawford: The Life and the Legends by Dorothy Farmiloe, and: Dry Water: A Novel of Western Canada by Robert Stead, and: The Poet and the Critic: A Literary Correspondence Between D.C. Scott and E.K. Brown ed. by Robert L. McDougall (review)

pp. 435-438

The Sir Charles G.D. Roberts Symposium ed. by Glenn Clever (review)

pp. 438-440

Fanny Essler by Frederick Philip Grove (review)

pp. 440-442

E.J. Pratt: The Truant Years, 1882–1927 by David G. Pitt (review)

pp. 442-444

Tapestry for Designs: Judaic Allusions in the Poetry and ‘The Second Scroll’ of A.M. Klein by Solomon J. Spiro (review)

pp. 444-446

Above Tide: Reflections of Roderick Haig-Brown by Anthony Robertson (review)

pp. 446-447

A Companion to ‘Under the Volcano’ by Chris Ackerley, Lawrence J. Clipper (review)

pp. 447-448

Technology and the Canadian Mind: Innis/McLuhan/Grant by Arthur Kroker (review)

pp. 448-451

George Grant and the Twilight of Justice by Joan E. O'Donovan (review)

pp. 451-452

Le Centre et la circonférence by Boursier, Nicole (review)

pp. 452-453

Fictional Meals and Their Function in the French Novel 1789–1848 by James W. Brown (review)

pp. 454-455

Des Femmes de Balzac by Jean Forest (review)

pp. 455-456

Formalism and the Freudian Aesthetic: The Example of Charles Mauron by Linda Hutcheon (review)

pp. 457-458

Le Siècle des Lumières: Bibliographie chronologique by Pierre M. Conlon (review)

pp. 458-460

Histoire de la littérature acadienne: De rêve en rêve by Marguerite Maillet, and: La Louisiane créole, littéraire, politique et sociale, 1762–1900 by Réginald Hamel, and: Répertoire littéraire de l'Ouest canadien ed. by Annette Saint-Pierre and Rossel Vien (review)

pp. 460-464

Trois-Rivières en liesse by Rémi Tourangeau, and: Répertoire des troupes de Trois-Rivières, and: Place Jacques-Cartier, ou Quarante ans de théâtre français à Québec, 1871–1911 by André Duval (review)

pp. 464-468

Emile Nelligan: Les racines du rêve by Jacques Michon (review)

pp. 468-469

Le Roman québécois en France by Jacqueline Gerols (review)

pp. 469-471

Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires du Québec, IV, 1960–1969 by Maurice Lemire et al. (review)

pp. 471-474

Le Québécois et sa littérature, and: Ecrivains contemporains, entretiens 2: 1977–1980 by Jean Royer (review)

pp. 474-478

La Détresse et l'enchantement by Gabrielle Roy (review)

pp. 478-479

Etudes littéraires (review)

pp. 479-480

Le Murmure marchand by Jacques Godbout (review)

pp. 480-482

Le Regard oblique by Gilles Archambault (review)

pp. 482-484

Entre l'écriture et la parole by Jean-Louis Major (review)

pp. 484-485

L'Empire du sacre québécois: Etude sémiolinguistique d'un intensif populaire by Clément Légaré and André Bougaïeff (review)

pp. 485-486

La Norme linguistique ed. by Edith Bédard and J. Maurais, and: Les Trois états de la politique linguistique du Québec by Jean-Claude Gémar, and: Practical Handbook of Quebec and Acadian French/Manuel pratique du français québécois et acadien by Sinclair Robinson and Donald Smith. (review)

pp. 487-488

Le Choc des patois en Nouvelle-France: Essai sur l'histoire de la francisation au Canada by Philippe Barbaud (review)

pp. 488-489

Juifs et réalités juives au Québec ed. by Pierre Anctil and Gary Caldwell (review)

pp. 489-492

Un Parti pris révolutionnaire by Pierre Maheu, and: Féminité, subversion, écriture by Suzanne Lamy and Irène Pagès, and: Quand je lis je m'invente by Suzanne Lamy, and: Ecrire l'amour (review)

pp. 492-498

Selected Essays on German Literature by Barker Fairley (review)

pp. 498-500

Herman Hesse: Life, Work and Criticism by Joseph Mileck (review)

pp. 500-501

The Novels of the German Romantics by Eric A. Blackall (review)

pp. 501-503

Calderón in the German Lands and the Low Countries: his reception and influence, 1654–1980 by Henry W. Sullivan (review)

pp. 503-504

Cuba's Nicolás Guillén: Poetry and Ideology by Keith Ellis (review)

pp. 504-506

How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art by Serge Guilbaut (review)

pp. 507-508

Ruskin and St. Mark's by John Unrau (review)

pp. 508-509

Art at the Service of War: Canada, Art and the Great War by Maria Tippett, and: Morrice: A Great Canadian Artist Rediscovered by G. Blair Laing (review)

pp. 509-511

Pictures from the Age of Rembrandt: Selections from the Personal Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Bader by David McTavish (review)

pp. 511-513

Alternative Voices: Essays on Contemporary Vocal and Choral Composition by Istvan Anhalt (review)

pp. 513-515

Chansons de voyageurs, coureurs de bois et forestiers by Madeleine Beland (review)

pp. 515-517

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Music ed. by Robert Falck and Timothy Rice (review)

pp. 517-519

Words and Moving Images ed. by William C. Wees and Michael Dorland (review)

pp. 519-521

The Film Companion by Peter Morris (review)

pp. 521-522

John Grierson and the National Film Board: The Politics of Wartime Propaganda by Gary Evans, and: John Grierson and the NFB (review)

pp. 523-527

Take Two ed. by Seth Feldman (review)

pp. 527-528

Les Etudes Sociales

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Index to Books Reviewed

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Contents of Volume 54, 1984/5

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