restricted access   Volume 27, Number 1, April 2003

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From: Philosophy and Literature

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Crime, Compassion, and The Reader

pp. 1-20

Capability and Language in the Novels of Tarjei Vesaas

pp. 21-39

Montaigne, Skepticism and Immortality

pp. 40-61

Literature Itself: The New Criticism and Aesthetic Experience

pp. 62-79

Literary Truth as Dreamlike Expression in Foucault's and Borges's "Chinese Encyclopedia"

pp. 80-97

Tristram Shandy, David Hume, and Epistemological Fiction

pp. 98-115

Writing and the Disembodiment of Language

pp. 116-133

Deception and Transparency: The Case of Writing

pp. 134-150

Symposium: Wittgenstein and Literary Aesthetics

Defining "Poetry"

pp. 151-163

Autonomy and Privacy in Wittgenstein and Beckett

pp. 164-187

Wittgenstein and Poetic Language

pp. 188-195

On Philosophy as Therapy: Wittgenstein, Cavell, and Autobiographical Writing

pp. 196-210

Notes and Fragments

Criticism and the Terror of Nothingness

pp. 211-222

Moral Vice, Cognitive Virtue

pp. 223-230

Critical Discussion

Rescuing the Rescuers: Philip Hallie's Ethical Sublime

pp. 231-240


Darwin and Political Theory

pp. 241-254