restricted access   Volume 61, Number 4, Summer 1992

Table of Contents

Introduction: Situating Knowledge

pp. 415-421

Making (Up) the Truth: Constructivist Contributions

pp. 422-429

The Construction of Knowledge and Epistemologies of Marked Subjectivities

pp. 430-436

Disciplining Art's History

pp. 437-442

Whose Classroom Is It Anyway?: Teaching and Researching in the Humanities from a Transdisciplinary Perspective

pp. 443-449

Legitimating Change: The Decrees on Bastardy during the French Revolution

pp. 450-459

The Construction of Ignorance and the Evolution of Knowledge

pp. 460-472

The ‘Primitive,’ the ‘Real,’ and the ‘World System’: Knowledge Production in Contemporary Anthropology

pp. 473-488

Time's Department Store: A Polyphonic Score for Reading

pp. 489-499

Kinos: The Fourth Proof

pp. 500-507


pp. 508-515


Taking Scepticism Seriously

pp. 516-518

Philosophy and History

pp. 518-519


pp. 521-522

Contents of Volume 61, Numbers 2–4, 1991/2

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