restricted access   Volume 46, Number 4, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

The Rise of the Moral Tale: Children's Literature, the Novel, and The Governess

pp. 463-477

"A Spectacle Pleasing to God and Man:" Sympathy and the Show of Charity in the Restoration Spittle Sermons

pp. 479-497

Cicero's Ears, or Eloquence in the Age of Politeness: Oratory, Moderation, and the Sublime in Enlightenment Scotland

pp. 499-512

"That Nauseous Venomous Insect:" Bedbugs in Early Modern England

pp. 513-530

Exhibiting Enlightenment: Chardin as tapissier

pp. 531-554

Thinking Like an Artist: Hogarth, Diderot, and the Aesthetics of Technique

pp. 555-570

Review Article

Travel And/As Enigma

pp. 571-573

Single Title Reviews

Empress Maria Theresa and the Politics of Habsburg Imperial Art by Michael Yonan (review)

pp. 575-577

Dialogue, Didacticism and the Genres of Dispute: Literary Dialogue in an Age of Revolution by Adrian J. Wallbank (review)

pp. 578-579

Books Received

pp. 581-586

Volume 46 Table of Contents

pp. 590-595