restricted access   Volume 6, Issue 2, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Digital anxiety and the new verité horror and sf film

pp. 153-175

The sf cinema of mainland China: Politics, production and market potential

pp. 177-201

Modernity and the masturbator: The non-human economy, excess and non-gendered consciousness in The Cell

pp. 203-217

Aliens, cyborgs and other invisible men: Hollywood's solutions to the black 'problem' in sf cinema

pp. 219-251

A condition of England: The critique of racism, sexism and the 'back to nature' movement in the BBC's adaptation of Peter Dickinson's 'The Changes' novels

pp. 253-279


Ringing the changes: a production history of the BBC's adaptation of Peter Dickinson's 'The Changes'

pp. 281-297

DVD Reviews

Island of Lost Souls by Erle C. Kenton (review)

pp. 299-302

John Carpenter's The Thing and The Thing box-set by John Carpenter (review)

pp. 303-306

Book Reviews

Star Wars by Will Brooker (review)

pp. 307-309

Adapting Philosophy: Jean Baudrillard and The Matrix Trilogy by Catherine Constable (review)

pp. 309-313

From Utopia to Apocalypse: Science Fiction and the Politics of Catastrophe by Peter Y. Paik (review)

pp. 314-316

About the contributors

pp. 317-318