restricted access   Volume 48, Issue 1&2, Spring / Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Ireland and Sport

Guest Editors:
Mike Cronin, Boston College
Brian Ó Conchubhair, University of Notre Dame

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Trying Irish in the Free State

pp. 7-10


Sport and the Irish

pp. 11-14

“The Hallmark of Pluperfect Respectability”: The Early Development of Golf in Irish Society

pp. 15-31

The First Minutes: An Analysis of the Irish Language within the Official Structures of the Gaelic Athletic Association, 1884–1934

pp. 32-53

Sporting Policemen: Sports and the Police in Victorian and Edwardian Ireland

pp. 54-78

Sport and Cultural Nationalism: The Conflict between Association and Gaelic Football in Donegal, 1905–34

pp. 79-94

1916 and the Radicalization of the Gaelic Athletic Association

pp. 95-111

Sport in a Time of Revolution: Sinn Féin and the Hunt in Ireland, 1919

pp. 112-147

Rugby Football and Identity Politics in Free State Ireland

pp. 148-167

“Looking on for Centuries from the Sideline”: Gaelic Feminism and the Rise of Camogie

pp. 168-190

“Ar son an Náisiúin”: The National Film Institute of Ireland’s All-Ireland Films

pp. 191-210

Diaspora and Rootedness, Amateurism and Professionalism in Media Discourses of Irish Soccer and Rugby in the 1990s and 2000s

pp. 211-229

When the Past Meets the Present: The Great Irish Famine and Scottish Football

pp. 230-245

Get Your Kit On: Gender, Sexuality, and Gay Rugby in Ireland

pp. 246-281

What’s Eating Victor Cusack?: Come What May, Queer Embodiment, and the Regulation of Hetero-Masculinity

pp. 282-308


pp. 309-312