restricted access   Volume 70, Number 4, Fall 2001

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Prefatory Note

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‘The Seriousness of Things beyond Your Understanding’

pp. 802-813

‘As the Last Morning Breaks in Red’: Frye's Apocalypse and the Visionary Tradition in Canadian Writing

pp. 813-824

Frye's Geometry of Thought: Building the Great Wheel

pp. 825-838

Word and Action in Margaret Avison's Not Yet But Still

pp. 839-856

‘Imagining Out Things’: The Act of Vision in James Reaney's Alphabet

pp. 857-868

Visions of Heidegger in Dennis Lee and Robert Kroetsch

pp. 869-880

Be-wildering: The Poetry of Don McKay

pp. 881-888

Seeing Everything in a Different Light: Vision and Revelation in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient

pp. 889-901

‘Powerful Joy’: Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient and Walter Benjamin's Allegorical Way of Seeing

pp. 902-922

The Erotic Poetics of Anne Carson

pp. 923-936

Vision in Canada?

pp. 937-946

A Visionary Tradition

pp. 947-948

Contents of Volume 70, Numbers 2–4, 2000/1

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