restricted access   Volume 29, Number 1, 2013

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Editor's Note: It's Time for a Change (Again)

p. 1

Dewey's Ethical Justification for Public Deliberation Democracy

pp. 3-26

Pragmatism and Community Inquiry: A Case Study of Community-Based Learning

pp. 27-45

Decolonizing Vocational Education in Togo: Postcolonial, Deweyan, and Feminist Considerations

pp. 46-63

The Problem of Authority: What Can Korean Education Learn From Dewey?

pp. 64-83

Preparing to Teach: Redeeming the Potentialities of the Present Through "Conversations of Practice"

pp. 84-104

The Philosopher and the Lecturer: John Dewey, Everett Dean Martin, and Reflective Thinking

pp. 105-124


Creative Actualization: A Meliorist Theory of Values

pp. 125-129

John Dewey's Philosophy of Spirit, with the 1897 Lecture on Hegel

pp. 130-134

John Dewey's Quest for Unity: The Journey of a Promethean Mystic

pp. 135-139