restricted access   Volume 41, Numbers 1 & 2, Spring/Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Eugenia Paulicelli and Elizabeth Wissinger

Editors' Note: House Style

pp. 9-13


pp. 14-27

Part I. Tailoring

Cloth manifesto

pp. 31-34

Designing Women: Feminist Methodologies in American Fashion

pp. 35-59

More than a "Passing" Sophistication: Dress, Film Regulation, and the Color Line in 1930s American Films

pp. 60-86


pp. 87-88

Eugene Vernier and Vogue Models in Early "Swinging London": Creating the Fashionable Look of the 1960s

pp. 89-107

Twiggy and Me

pp. 108-109

Part II. Shaping and Stitching

From a Daughter of the Republic to a Femme Fatale: The Life and Times of Turkey's First Professional Fashion Model, Lale Belkıs

pp. 113-130

Picking up the Threads: Model Approach Helps Cambodia Design a New Fashion Image

pp. 131-149

Himba in the Mix: The "Catwalk Politics" of Culture in Namibia

pp. 150-161

"People Don't Attack You If You Dress Fancy": Consuming Femininity in Contemporary China

pp. 162-181

Part III. Adorning and Accessorizing

Should My Bum Look Bigger in This?: —Re-dressing the Beauvoirean Femme

pp. 184-193

On Rereading Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex After Thirty-Five Years

pp. 194-196

"To Care for Her Beauty, to Dress Up, Is a Kind of Work": Simone de Beauvoir, Fashion, and Feminism

pp. 197-201

Human Plant, 1999

pp. 202-203

In a Single Shoe: The Marabou Mule

pp. 204-205

Part IV. Layering and Slashing

Fashionable Resistance: Queer "Fa(t)shion" Blogging as Counterdiscourse

pp. 209-224

Sleeping with Everyone

p. 225

Queer Dandy Style: The Cultural Politics of Tim Gunn's Asexuality

pp. 226-244

Electric Dress: Atsuko Tanaka, Electrical Dress, 1956

pp. 245-246

How Do You Dress a Body Without Organs?: Affective Fashion and Nonhuman Becoming

pp. 247-265

Killing the Dress

p. 266

Cut, Layer, Break, Fold: Fashioning Gendered Difference, 1970s to the Present

pp. 267-284

Part V. The Mock-Up

Absences and Outages

pp. 287-297

Moire Faille

pp. 298-302

The Art of Fabrication

pp. 303-311

Part VI. Book Reviews

Decorating the Divas of Renaissance Society

pp. 315-317

Fashion Landscapes: Networks, Markets, and Agents

pp. 318-322

Tackling the Racial Intimacies that Fashioned a Generation

pp. 323-325

An Interpretative Tour of Paris as Fashion Capital

pp. 326-329

Part VII. Alerts and Provocations

Articulo 6: Narratives of Gender, Strength, and Politics

pp. 332-340