restricted access   Volume 38, Issue 2, June 2012

Table of Contents

Readers’ Forum
Cynicism and /as Academic Citizenship

Introduction: Cynicism and/as Academic Citizenship

pp. 1-3

Cynicism, the Heuristic Pharmakon

pp. 4-7

A Defense of Publicity

pp. 8-12

Liminal States and Provisional Citizens

pp. 13-16

Between Hope and Cynicism: A Dogged Call to Action

pp. 17-20

Academic Citizen Subjects

pp. 21-24


Authorship, Genre, and Copyright in the Romantic Period

Authorship, Genre, and Copyright in the Romantic Period: Introduction

pp. 25-28

Publishers, “Pirates,” and the Formation of Regency Authorship

pp. 29-48

Authorship in Eighteen Hundred and Eleven: An Integral Approach

pp. 49-70

The Cento, Romanticism, and Copyright

pp. 71-101

Cultural Currencies

On Selecting Irving Layton’s Seductive Invective; or, an Addendum to Trehearne

pp. 103-135

Recountings: On Dickens’s Financial Memory

pp. 137-156

Collective Subjects

“You are one of us”: Communities of Marginality, Vulnerability, and Secrecy in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace

pp. 157-177

“We call that treaty ground”: The Representation of Aboriginal Land Disputes in Wayland Drew’s Halfway Man and M.T. Kelly’s A Dream Like Mine

pp. 179-197

Book Reviews

Crosstalk: Canadian and Global Imaginaries in Dialogue ed. by Diane Brydon and Marta Dvořák (review)

pp. 199-203

Anne of Tim Hortons: Globalization and the Reshaping of Atlantic-Canadian Literature by Herb Wyile (review)

pp. 203-207

DisPossession: Haunting in Canadian Fiction by Marlene Goldman (review)

pp. 207-210

From Form to Meaning: Freshman Composition and the Long Sixties, 1957–1974 by David Fleming (review)

pp. 210-215

Women, Popular Culture, and the Eighteenth Century ed. by Tiffany Potter (review)

pp. 215-218

The Trouble with Sauling Around: Conversion in Ethnic American Autobiography, 1965–2002 by Madeline Ruth Walker (review)

pp. 219-224