restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, Winter 2012

Table of Contents


Ayen’s Cooking School for African Men: Mediating Life Narratives of Trauma

pp. 242-261

The Epistolary Pact, Letterness, and the Schreiner Epistolarium

pp. 262-293

Bitter Crop: The Aftermath of Lady Sings the Blues

pp. 294-315

“Read My Lips”: Genre, Rhetoric, and the Baghdad Diaries of Nuha al-Radi

pp. 316-337

Henry James’s Autobiography and Early Psychology

pp. 338-353

“Serv[ing] under two masters”: Virginia Woolf’s Afterlives in Contemporary Biofictions

pp. 354-373

Self-Theorizing Shabkar’s Life: Differing Concepts of Book, Text, and Self-Referential Life Writing in Tibetan Buddhist Autobiography

pp. 374-401

Writing the Tape-Recorded Life

pp. 402-426


Building Their Own Waldos: Emerson’s First Biographers and the Politics of Life-Writing in the Gilded Age by Robert D. Habich (review)

pp. 427-430

What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past by Nancy K. Miller (review)

pp. 431-433

Books Received 27.2

p. 434


pp. 435-436