restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, June 2013

Table of Contents


Was van Gogh a Plant Ecologist?

pp. 117-118

Special Issue

Status and Challenges of Grassland Restoration in the United States

p. 119


Can We Reconstruct Grasslands to Better Resist Invasion?

pp. 120-123

The Potential of Restored Grasslands for Conserving Wildlife and Fuel Production

pp. 124-126

The Evolving Understanding of Grassland Restoration Seeding Protocols

pp. 127-129

Native Seed Production for Grassland Restoration—A Grower’s Perspective

pp. 130-133

Spanning the Science-Practice Divide: Why Restoration Scientists Need to be More Involved with Practice

pp. 134-140

Restoration Notes

Can a Combination of Grazing, Herbicides, and Seeding Facilitate Succession in Old Fields?

pp. 141-142

Reduced Establishment of Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense) Using Functionally Similar Native Forbs

pp. 144-146


Strip-seeding for Grassland Restoration: Past Successes and Future Potential

pp. 147-153

The Impact of Seed Mix Weight on Diversity and Species Composition in a Tallgrass Prairie Restoration Planting, Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois, USA

pp. 154-167

Influence of Richness and Seeding Density on Invasion Resistance in Experimental Tallgrass Prairie Restorations

pp. 168-185

Invasion as a Function of Species Diversity: A Case Study of Two Restored North Dakota Grasslands

pp. 186-194

A Colonizing Species Has High Fitness on Soils with an Exotic Species Legacy When Conditioning Effects Are Mitigated

pp. 195-200

Diversifying Agricultural Catchments by Incorporating Tallgrass Prairie Buffer Strips

pp. 201-211

Design Approaches to Ecological Restoration

Designing a Grassland Estate, Cultivating Biodiversity

pp. 212-216


Abstracts, Reviews, and Meetings

pp. 217-227

Book Reviews

Guide to Texas Grasses, and: Grasses of South Texas: A Guide to Identification and Value by Robert B. Shaw, James H. Everitt, D. Lynn Drawe, Christopher R. Little and Robert I. Lonard (review)

pp. 228-229

Seeds of Sustainability: Lessons from the Birthplace of the Green Revolution in Agriculture ed. by Pamela A. Matson (review)

pp. 229-230

Ecoliterate: How Educators are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Lisa Bennett and Zenobia Barlow (review)

pp. 230-231

Recently Received Titles

p. 232

Meetings 2013

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