restricted access   Volume 46, Number 4, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Section I: Culture and Politics

The Sixties in the City: Avant-gardes and Urban Rebels in New York, London, and West Berlin

pp. 817-842

Ticketing the British Eighteenth Century: "A thing . . . never heard of before"

pp. 843-871

Section II: Race and Slavery

"No Band of Brothers Could Be More Loving": Enslaved Male Homosociality, Friendship, and Resistance in the Antebellum American South

pp. 872-895

A Theory of African-American Citizenship: Richard Westbrooks, The Great Migration, and the Chicago Defender's "Legal Helps" Column

pp. 896-915

Networked Family: Defining Kinship in Emancipated Slave Wills on Pemba Island

pp. 916-930

Section III: State and Society

Thirty Kilos of Pork: Cultural Brokers, Corruption, and the "Bribe Trail" in the Postwar Stalinist Soviet Union

pp. 931-952

Citizen-Breadwinners and Vagabond-Soldiers: Military Recruitment in Early Republican Southern Mexico

pp. 953-970

"Lick a Stamp, Lick the Kaiser": Sensing the Federal Government in Children's Lives during World War I

pp. 971-988

Cattle, Dearth, and the Colonial State: Famines and Livestock in Colonial India, 1896-1900

pp. 989-1012

Section IV: Regional Themes

Women Who Kill: An Analysis of Cases in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century London

pp. 1013-1038

Masculinity, Social Mobility, and the Plan to End Pauperism in Mid-Victorian England: Kneller Hall Teacher's Training College

pp. 1039-1059

Review Essay

How New Things Come into the World of Feminist History

pp. 1060-1065


Still Connected: Family and Friends in America since 1970 by Claude S. Fischer (review)

pp. 1066-1068

A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s by Stephanie Coontz (review)

pp. 1068-1070

Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: Dilemmas of Progress in Modern Society by Peter N. Stearns (review)

pp. 1070-1072

The Deepest Sense: A Cultural History of Touch by Constance Classen (review)

pp. 1072-1074

Hotel Dreams: Luxury, Technology, and Urban Ambition in America, 1829-1929 by Molly W. Berger (review)

pp. 1074-1075

Ourselves Unborn: A History of the Fetus in Modern America by Sara Dubow (review)

pp. 1075-1077

Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture by Amy Erdman Farrell (review)

pp. 1077-1079

Sacred Folly: A New History of the Feast of Fools by Max Harris (review)

pp. 1079-1081

Migration and Diaspora in Modern Asia by Sunil S. Amrith (review)

pp. 1081-1083

Brokers of Empire: Japanese Settler Colonialism in Korea, 1876-1945 by Jun Uchida (review)

pp. 1083-1085

The Third Asiatic Invasion: Empire and Migration in Filipino America, 1898-1946 by Rick Baldoz (review)

pp. 1085-1087

Women of the Conquest Dynasties: Gender and Identity in Liao and Jin China by Linda Cooke Johnson (review)

pp. 1087-1089

Hard Times in the Hometown: A History of Community Survival in Modern Japan by Martin Dusinberre (review)

pp. 1090-1091

Jim Crow's Counterculture: The Blues and Black Southerners, 1890-1945 by R. A. Lawson (review)

pp. 1092-1093

Grassroots at the Gateway: Class Politics and Black Freedom Struggle in St. Louis, 1936-75 by Clarence Lang (review)

pp. 1093-1095

Plantation Enterprise in Colonial South Carolina by S. Max Edelson (review)

pp. 1095-1097

Health and Hygiene in Chinese East Asia: Politics and Publics in the Long Twentieth Century ed. by Charlotte Furth and Angela Ki Che Leung (review)

pp. 1097-1099

Peasant and Empire in Christian North Africa by Leslie Dossey (review)

pp. 1099-1101

A Commonwealth of the People: Popular Politics and England's Long Social Revolution, 1066-1649 by David Rollison (review)

pp. 1101-1103

From Sun Cities to the Villages: A History of Active Adult, Age-Restricted Communities by Judith Ann Trolander (review)

pp. 1104-1105

Back to the Land: Arthurdale, FDR's New Deal, and the Costs of Economic Planning by C. J. Maloney (review)

pp. 1106-1107

Index Volume 46

pp. 1108-1114