restricted access   Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Anti-Imperialist Traditions in U.S. Literature and Culture

Edited by Nicholas Lawrence

Anti-Imperialist Traditions in U.S. Literature and Culture

pp. 1-2


When are the People?: Temporality, Popular Sovereignty, and the U.S. Settler State

pp. 3-31

Paternal Solicitude and Haitian Emigration: The First American Occupation?

pp. 32-54

“This boa-constrictor appetite of swallowing states and provinces”: Anti-Imperialist Opposition to the U.S./Mexican War

pp. 55-82

Occupy Walden

pp. 83-96

The Past Must Not Be the Present: Legislative Supremacy and Judicial Duty in the Insular Cases

pp. 97-132

Ernest Howard Crosby’s Swords and Plowshares: A Lost Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Militarism, and Anti-War Classic

pp. 133-154

“What Phantom Shape, Implicit in the Figures?”: Liminal Monsters, Paranormal Places in Thomas Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon

pp. 155-172

Review Essay

The Collected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Volume IX. Poems: A Variorum Edition ed. by Albert J. von Frank and Thomas Wortham (review)

pp. 174-185

Notes on Contributors

pp. 186-187

Books Received

p. 188