restricted access   Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2013

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

pp. v-vi

Narrative Symposium: Taking Bioethics Personally


Taking Bioethics Personally

pp. 1-3

Personal Narratives

Nourishing my Grandmother’s Soul

pp. 3-6

The Foretelling

pp. 6-8

No Surprises, Please!

pp. 8-10

A Terrifying Truth

pp. 10-12

What my Children Taught Me about Information Sharing in Medicine

pp. 12-14

Fractured Humerous/Fractured Humor—What a Broken Arm Taught Me About Racial and Cultural Privilege in Hospital Care

pp. 14-18

A Personal Experience of Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome

pp. 18-21

When Worlds Collide

pp. 21-23

The Education of Josephine’s Mom

pp. 23-26

Body Alienation and the Moral Sense of Self

pp. 26-28

Two Journeys

pp. 28-31

Teaching the Tyranny of the Form: Informed Consent in Person and on Paper

pp. 31-34

Personal Narratives (Web Only Content)

Down the Rabbit Hole

pp. E1-E2

The End of a Life

pp. E2-E4

A Good Death

pp. E5-E7

Give Away Decisions

pp. E7-E10

Informed Consent, An Ongoing Conversation

pp. E10-E12

“The breath goes now”: Questioning a Case Study about Withdrawing a Respirator

pp. E13-E16


Dense Junctures of Ethical Concern

pp. 35-40

The Isolation of Illness

pp. 41-44

What the Experience of Illness Teaches

pp. 45-49

Research Article

The Protectors and the Protected: What Regulators and Researchers Can Learn from IRB Members and Subjects

pp. 51-65

Reason for Hospital Admission: A Pilot Study Comparing Patient Statements with Chart Reports

pp. 67-79

Case Study

Should We Tell Annie?: Preparing for Death at the Intersection of Parental Authority and Adolescent Autonomy

pp. 81-88