restricted access   Volume 56, Number 1, Winter 2013

Table of Contents


Science and Medicine

Assay Sensitivity and the Epistemic Contexts of Clinical Trials

pp. 1-17

Patient Preference Clinical Trials: Why and When They Will Sometimes Be Preferred

pp. 18-35

Ancestral Assumptions and the Clinical Uncertainty of Evolutionary Medicine

pp. 36-52

The Quagga and Science: What Does the Future Hold for This Extinct Zebra?

pp. 53-64

Ethics and Philosophy

Embracing the Certainty of Uncertainty: Implications for Health Care and Research

pp. 65-77

History and Biography

Darwin’s Perplexing Paradox: Intelligent Design in Nature

pp. 78-98

The Dawn of Medicine: Ancient Egypt and Athotis, the King-Physician

pp. 99-104

Medical Education and Practice

Confidentiality, Electronic Health Records, and the Clinician

pp. 105-125

Virtue in Medicine Reconsidered: Individual Health and Global Health

pp. 126-147

Culture and Society

Understanding Unconscious Intelligence and Intuition: “Blink” and Beyond

pp. 148-166