restricted access   Volume 29, Number 1, Spring 2013

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-3

Religion and Politics Special Section: Feminism and Secularism


pp. 5-9

"Rise Up Warrior Princess Daughters": Is Evangelical Women's Submission a Mere Fairy Tale?

pp. 9-26

In This Southern Land: Gender, Nation, and Saint-making in Australia

pp. 26-39

Theorizing Religions as Vestigial States in Relation to Gender and Law: Three Cases

pp. 39-52

Women's Rights and Religions: A Contemporary Review

pp. 52-68


Sex as Ibadah: Religion, Gender, and Subjectivity among South African Muslim Women

pp. 69-91

Special Section: Illuminating Women’s Religious Authority through Ethnography

Illuminating Women's Religious Authority through Ethnography

pp. 93-101

From Survival to Respect: The Narrative Performances and Ritual Authority of a Female Hindu Healer

pp. 101-117

"Real Sadhus Sing to God": The Religious Capital of Devotion and Domesticity in the Leadership of Female Renouncers in Rajasthan

pp. 117-133

In a Different Voice

Tevilah—Ritual Bath

pp. 135-136

Lynching Postcard, and: Beyond the Bridge: A Lynched Woman Speaks

pp. 137-140

Roundtable: Embodying Radical Democracy: Pauli Murray’s Legacies and Resources for a Common Freedom Struggle


pp. 141-142

Boy-Girl, Imp, Priest: Pauli Murray and the Limits of Identity

pp. 142-147

Democracy, the Verb: Pauli Murray's Poetry as a Resource for Ongoing Freedom Struggles

pp. 148-155

Jane Crow: Pauli Murray's Intersections and Antidiscrimination Law

pp. 155-160

Pauli Murray's Triadic Strategy of Engagement

pp. 160-164

Across Generations

Martin Marty Award Conversation between Judith Plaskow and Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

pp. 165-186

Notes on Contributors

pp. 187-191