restricted access   Volume 34, Number 3, Fall 2003

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From: Research in African Literatures

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Guidelines for Submissions

pp. 219-221


The Art of The Ozidi Saga

pp. 1-26

Textual Production and Contested Histories in a Performance of the Namibian Storyteller Dawid Plaatjies

pp. 27-45

Realizing the Sacred: Power and Meaning in Chinua Achebe's Arrow of God

pp. 46-65

"A History of Hopes Postponed": Women's Identity and the Postcolonial State in Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman's Journey toward Independence

pp. 66-83

Maghreb and Melancholy: A Reading of Nina Bouraoui

pp. 84-99

Kateb Yacine's Journey beyond Algeria and Back

pp. 100-114

Backadabush : Journey Within as "Rattling the Cage" in Ian Strachan's God's Angry Babies

pp. 115-128


"We Shouldn't Judge Deleuze and Guattari": A Response to Eugene Holland

pp. 129-141


Veronique Tadjo Speaks with Stephen Gray

pp. 142-147


"The Star of the Morning": Ogoni Praise Songs of Ken Saro-Wiwa

pp. 148-158

Review Essay

Troubled Men and the Women Who Create Havoc: Four Recent Films by West African Filmmakers

pp. 159-165

Book Reviews

Beyond the Color Line and the Iron Curtain: Reading Encounters between Black and Red, 1922-1963 (review)

pp. 166-167

Langston Hughes and the Blues (review)

pp. 167-168

Deep River: Music and Memory in Harlem Renaissance Thought (review)

pp. 168-170

Playing the Market: The Market Theatre, Johannesburg (review)

pp. 170-171

Modern African Drama (review)

pp. 171-173

African Visions: Literary Images, Political Change, and Social Struggle in Contemporary Africa (review)

pp. 173-174

Palavers of African Literature: Essays in Honor of Bernth Lindfors, and: African Writers and Their Readers: Essays in Honor of Bernth Lindfors (review)

pp. 175-177

Meditations on African Literature (review)

pp. 177-178

Africa and Africans in Antiquity (review)

pp. 178-182

The Golden Cage: Regeneration in Lusophone African Literature and Culture (review)

pp. 182-183

Les nouvelles voies de la litterature et de la liberation (une litterature voyoue) (review)

pp. 183-184

Emerging Perspectives on Ama Ata Aidoo (review)

pp. 184-187

Less than One and Double (review)

pp. 187-188

Mothering across Cultures: Postcolonial Representations, and: Writing Across Cultures: Gender Politics and Difference in the Fiction of Buchi Emecheta (review)

pp. 188-190

Ernaux, Redonnet, Ba et Ben Jelloun: Le personnage feminin a l'aube du XXIeme siecle (review)

pp. 190-191

Marita: or the Folly of Love (review)

pp. 191-192

Readings in African Popular Fiction (review)

pp. 192-194

Ayi Kwei Armah: Radical Iconoclast: Pitting Imaginary Worlds against the Actual (review)

pp. 194-195

Alex La Guma: Politics and Resistance (review)

pp. 195-196

Olive Schreiner and the Progress of Feminism: Evolution, Gender, Empire (review)

pp. 196-197

Es'kia (review)

pp. 197-198

Deep Histories: Gender and Colonialism in Southern Africa (review)

pp. 199-200

La fille difficile: un conte-type africain (review)

pp. 200-202

Quand le tronc se fait caiman: Drammaturgie di Costa d'Avorio (review)

pp. 202-203

The Hunter Thinks the Monkey Is Not Wise. .. (review)

pp. 203-208

The Legend of the Rockhills and Other Stories, and: The Remains of the Last Emperor, and: Bulletin from the Land of the Living Ghosts: Romance in the Reign of Commander Cobra (review)

pp. 208-212

Posts and Pasts: A Theory of Postcolonialism (review)

pp. 213-214

Postcolonial Theory: A Critical Introduction (review)

pp. 214-215

Postcolonial Hospitality: The Immigrant as Guest (review)

pp. 215-217


p. 218