restricted access   Volume 12, Number 2, November 1972

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From: Southeastern Geographer

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Statement by the Editors

pp. 67-68


Mapping Regional Shopping Center Trade Volumes in Atlanta, Georgia

pp. 69-77

A Spatial Perspective on Urban Problems: A View from Atlanta, Georgia

pp. 78-90

Leukemia in Atlanta, Georgia

pp. 91-100

Metrolina: A Southern Dispersed Urban Region

pp. 101-111

The Effect of Land Fragmentation on Internal Urban Circulation in Boca Raton, Florida

pp. 112-120

The “Quality of Life” in Gainesville, Florida: An Application of Territorial Social Indicators

pp. 121-132

The Emergence of Republicanism in the Urban South

pp. 133-144

Some Spatial Components of Regional Air Service Demand in the Southeast

pp. 145-154

Impact of Urban Growth on Water Resources in Southeastern United States

pp. 155-161