restricted access   Volume 54, Number 2, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Sensational Subjects

Manushag N. Powell and Rivka Swenson


Introduction: Subject Theory and the Sensational Subject

pp. 147-151

Novel Environments

“It was impossible to know these People”: Secondary Qualities and the Form of Character in A Journal of the Plague Year

pp. 153-167

What the Eye Cannot See: Interior Landscapes in Mansfield Park

pp. 169-181

Feeling Things: The Novel Objectives of Sentimental Objects

pp. 183-193

Tactile Maneuvers

The Tactility of Authorial Names

pp. 195-213

Charlotte Smith’s Tactile Poetics

pp. 215-230

Burke, Biomedicine, and Biobelligerence

pp. 231-243

Technological Difficulties

Listening to the Voice on the Page: Joshua Steele and Technologies of Recording

pp. 245-261

“Without the Help of Glasses”: The Anthropocentric Spectacle of Nehemiah Grew’s Botany

pp. 263-277

The Limits of the Senses in Johnson’s Scotland

pp. 279-294

Notes on Contributors

pp. 295-296