restricted access   Volume 57, Number 2, Summer 2013 (T218)

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Routes of Blackface

Guest Edited by Catherine M. Cole and Tracy C. Davis


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Reflections of Experiences of the Icons

pp. 2-3

Routes of Blackface

Routes of Blackface

pp. 7-12

Notes from the Blackout

pp. 13-20

Black Politics but Not Black People: Rethinking the Social and "Racial" History of Early Minstrelsy

pp. 21-37

"I Long for My Home in Kentuck": Christy's Minstrels in Mid-19th-Century Britain

pp. 38-65

"The young men must blacken their faces": The Blackface Minstrel Show in Preindustrial South Africa

pp. 66-85

"It is us": An Exploration of "Race" and Place in the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

pp. 86-101

Lessons in Blackbody Minstrelsy: Old Plantation and the Manufacture of Black Authenticity

pp. 102-122

Blackface Behind Barbed Wire: Gender and Racial Triangulation in the Japanese American Internment Camps

pp. 123-142

Blackface and the Black Arts Movement

pp. 143-162

"How you durrin?": Chuck Knipp, Shirley Q. Liquor, and Contemporary Blackface

pp. 163-181


Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics by Shannon Jackson (review)

pp. 182-183

Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment by Rebecca Schneider (review)

pp. 183-185

Emergency INDEX 2011 ed. by Yelena Gluzman and Matvei Yankelevich (review)

pp. 185-186

Performing Heritage: Research, Practice and Innovation in Museum Theatre and Live Interpretation ed. by Anthony Jackson and Jenny Kidd (review)

pp. 187-188

More Books

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