restricted access   Volume 4, Number 1, April 2013

Table of Contents

Guest Editor’s Introduction

pp. 5-9

Special Issue: Interpreting Christian Missionary Experiences in Korea

The Transformation of the Catholic Church in Korea: From a Missionary Church to an Indigenous Church

pp. 11-42

The Bishop’s Dilemma: Gustave Mutel and the Catholic Church in Korea, 1890–1910

pp. 43-69

Via Media in the Land of Morning Calm: The Anglican Church in Korea

pp. 71-98

Protestant Bible Education for Women: First Steps in Professional Education for Modern Korean Women

pp. 99-121

“Japan and Korea for Christ and His Church”: The Unexpected Success and Demise of the Yotsuya/William D. Cunningham Mission, a Mission of the Stone-Campbell Movement

pp. 123-138

Yesuwǒn: An Ongoing Experiment in the Kangwǒndo Wilderness

pp. 139-167

Contested Heritage: The “Yanghwajin Controversy” and Korean Protestantism

pp. 169-188

Book Reviews

조선시대 재난과 국가의례. Chosŏn sidae chaenan kwa kukka ŭirye [Calamities and state rituals in Chosŏn Korea] by 이욱 Lee Wook (review)

pp. 189-192

한국 신종교의 사상과 종교 문화. Han’guk sinjonggyo ŭi sasang kwa chonggyo munhwa [Religious culture and thought of Korean new religions] by 박광수 Park Kwang-soo (review)

pp. 192-195