restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, May 2013

Table of Contents


Improving Appearance, Organization, and Safety of Special Education Classrooms: Effects of Staff Training in a Human Services Setting

pp. 1-13

Impact of an Activity Mini-Schedule on the Inattention of Preschoolers with Cochlear Implants during a Group Activity

pp. 15-32

Using Activity Schedules on the iPod touch to Teach Leisure Skills to Children with Autism

pp. 33-57

Use of Video Modeling to Increase Positive Peer Interactions of Four Preschool Children with Social Skills Difficulties

pp. 59-85

The Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction using Kurzweil 3000 on Sight Word Acquisition for Students with Mild Disabilities

pp. 87-103

Enhancing Foreign Language Competency Using the Cover, Copy, Compare Technique: An Exploratory Evaluation

pp. 105-116

Data-based Case Studies

Truancy and Zero Tolerance in High School: Does Policy Align with Practice?

pp. 117-138

Teaching Eye Contact to Children with Autism: A Conceptual Analysis and Single Case Study

pp. 139-159