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Single Male Seeks Someone Who'll Stay

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Sword Swallowers in Transition

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Louis and The Wolf

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John Wayne, Buddy Holly, & The Lindsey Theater

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18 to 22

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Downtown Zoetrope

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Three Views of a Souvenir: A Bop

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Looking at Photographs in Which Our Faces Do Not Appear

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Uptown Zoetrope

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How the Sun Burns among Hills of Rock and Pebble

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Parallel resting places

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To fight means to fight what you're doing

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To death, as it is a place,

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I take my time like it's only mine

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When you come open, liquid like the morning lake, I swallow up the shadows I play cold moon

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Open Marriage

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The Magic of Macy's

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Social Semiotics

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The Other Self Goes Rogue

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Shinus molle

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On Free-Wheeling Careers: An Interview with Barbara Herrnstein Smith

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Introduction: The Medieval Turn in Theory

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What Does "Deconstructing Christianity" Want?: The Institutional Imaginary of the Incarnation

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Derrida's Noble Unfaith, or What Reading Hadewijch Can Teach You about Reading Derrida

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The Call of Things: A Critique of Object-Oriented Ontologies

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Object-Oriented Mythography

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Death and Texts: Finitude before Form

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Medieval Sensation and Modern Aesthetics Aquinas, Adorno, Chaucer

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Books Received

Books Received

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