restricted access   Volume 97, Number 2, April 2013

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

pp. vii-viii

Remarks on Friedman Medal

pp. 101-104

Destructive Creators: Sender Jarmulowsky and Financial Failure in the Annals of American Jewish History

pp. 105-137

Manly Missions: Jews, Christians, and American Religious Masculinity, 1900-1920

pp. 139-158

"A Predominant Cause of Distress": Gender, Benevolence, and the Agunah in Regional Perspective

pp. 159-182

Review Essay

American Hebrew Literature: Writing Jewish National Identity in the United States by Michael Weingrad, and: Red, Black, and Jew: New Frontiers in Hebrew Literature by Stephen Katz, and: Sanctuary in the Wilderness: A Critical Introduction to American Hebrew Poetry by Alan Mintz (review)

pp. 183-188

Book Reviews

When They Come For Us We'll Be Gone; The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry by Gal Beckerman (review)

pp. 189-191

Strictly Kosher Reading: Popular Literature and the Condition of Contemporary Orthodoxy by Yoel Finkelman (review)

pp. 191-193

New Israel/New England: Jews and Puritans in Early America by Michael Hoberman (review)

pp. 193-195

Gentile New York: Images of Non-Jews among Jewish Immigrants by Gil Ribak (review)

pp. 196-197

When General Grant Expelled the Jews by Jonathan Sarna (review)

pp. 197-198


pp. v-vi