restricted access   Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2013

Table of Contents

From the Editor: Indigenous Performance

p. vii


William Apess, the "Lost Tribes," and Indigenous Survivance

pp. 1-26

"Then One Day We Create Something Unexpected": Tribalography's Decolonizing Strategies in LeAnne Howe's Evidence of Red

pp. 27-52

In Honor of Nastáo: Kasaan Haida Elders Look to the Future

pp. 53-67


Poetry Raven, Carry Me

p. 68


'Skins in Skin Flicks: A Modest Proposal on the Most Adequate Means for "Telling" the "Real" Indians from the Wannabes among the "Reel" Indians in Pornography

pp. 69-88

Book Reviews

Living with Koryak Traditions: Playing with Culture in Siberia by Alexander King (review)

pp. 89-94

Born in the Blood: On Native American Translation ed. by Brian Swann (review)

pp. 94-97

"I Choose Life": Contemporary Medical and Religious Practices in the Navajo World by Maureen Trundelle Schwarz (review)

pp. 98-101

Perimeters of Democracy: Inverse Utopias and the Wartime Social Landscape in the American West by Heather Fryer (review)

pp. 102-104

Bound to Have Blood: Frontier Newspapers and the Plains Indian Wars by Hugh J. Reilly (review)

pp. 105-107

Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature ed. by Qwo-Li Driskill et al. (review)

pp. 108-112

Changing Is Not Vanishing: A Collection of American Indian Poetry to 1930 ed. by Robert Dale Parker (review)

pp. 112-115

Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas ed. by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, and: Mauri Ola: Contemporary Polynesian Poems in English: Whetu Moana II (review)

pp. 116-118

Pushing the Bear: After the Trail of Tears by Diane Glancy, and: The Dream of a Broken Field by Diane Glancy (review)

pp. 119-122

Plural Sovereignties and Contemporary Indigenous Literature by Stuart Christie (review)

pp. 122-124

Engaged Resistance: American Indian Art, Literature, and Film from Alcatraz to the NMAI by Dean Rader (review)

pp. 125-128

Contributor Biographies

pp. 129-132