restricted access   Volume 27, Number 1, 2013

Table of Contents

From the Editors

pp. 9-11


Thoughts on “Heroinism” in French Fairy Tales

pp. 1, 15-33

The Revolutionary Undoing of the Maiden Warrior in Riyoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles and Jacques Demy’s Lady Oscar

pp. 34-51

Slaying Blunderboer: Cross-Dressed Heroes, National Identities, and Wartime Pantomime

pp. 52-64

“Reeling In” Grimm Masculinities: Hucksters, Cross-Dressers, and Ninnies

pp. 65-88

Hoodwinked! and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade: Animated “Little Red Riding Hood” Films and the Rashômon Effect

pp. 89-108

“With a smile and a song . . .”: Walt Disney and the Birth of the American Fairy Tale

pp. 109-124


Far North Tales: Stories from the Peoples of the Arctic Circle ed. by Kira Van Deusen (review)

pp. 125-127

The Frog Prince and Other Frog Tales from Around the World, and: ed. by Heidi Ann HeinerRapunzel and Other Maiden in the Tower Tales from Around the World, and: ed. by Heidi Ann HeinerSleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales from Around the World ed. by Heidi Ann Heiner (review)

pp. 127-129

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Noel Daniel (review)

pp. 130-132

Es war einmal . . . : Die wahren Märchen der Brüder Grimm und wer sie ihnen erzählte ed. by Heinz Rölleke (review)

pp. 132-135

At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald (review)

pp. 135-137

One Earth, One People: The Mythopoeic Fantasy Series of Ursula K. Le Guin, Lloyd Alexander, Madeleine L’Engle, and Orson Scott Card by Marek Oziewicz (review)

pp. 137-138

Freud in Oz: At the Intersections of Psychoanalysis and Children’s Literature by Kenneth B. Kidd (review)

pp. 139-142

Fantasy, Myth, and the Measure of Truth: Tales of Pullman, Lewis, Tolkien, MacDonald, and Hoffmann by William Gray (review)

pp. 142-144

Arab-American Women’s Writing and Performance: Orientalism, Race, and the Idea of The Arabian Nights by Somaya Sami Sabry (review)

pp. 144-146

Contes de la mille et deuxième nuit: Théophile Gautier, Edgar Allan Poe, Nicolae Davidescu, Richard Lesclide, et André Gill ed. by Evanghélia Stead (review)

pp. 147-149

Inklings by Françoise Pétrovitch (review)

pp. 149-151

Critical Exchanges

p. 152


pp. 153-156