restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Singing Bengal into a Nation: Tagore the Colonial Cosmopolitan?

pp. 1-24

Castor Oil for Conservatives: Wyndham Lewis's Count Your Dead: They Are Alive! and "Bolsho-Tory" Politics

pp. 25-43

"You can see some eagles. And hear the trumpets": The Literary and Political Hinterland of T.S. Eliot's Coriolan

pp. 44-60

Restaging the Disaster: Dos Passos and National Literatures after the Spanish-American War

pp. 61-79

A Libretto in Search of Music: The Strain of Collaborative Creation in William Carlos Williams's The First President

pp. 80-104

Demystifying the Judge: Law and Mythical Violence in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian

pp. 105-121

Consumerism's Endgame: Violence and Community in J.G. Ballard's Late Fiction

pp. 122-139

"Shout It Out Loud": Grace Paley and the Radicalization of Maternity

pp. 140-155

Making Sense: Jacques Rancière and the Language Poets

pp. 156-174

Striking a Chord: A Review of William Scott's Troublemakers: Power, Representation, and the Fiction of the Mass Worker

pp. 175-179

Documentary novel and literary journalism in the USA and Slovenia

pp. 180-185

Notes on Contributors

pp. 186-187


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