restricted access   Volume 55, Number 2, April/avril 2013

Table of Contents


Taming Disorderly People One Ticket at a Time: The Penalization of Homelessness in Ontario and British Columbia

pp. 161-185

The Criminal Offence of Entering Any Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario: Criminalizing Ordinary Behaviour with Youth Bail Conditions

pp. 187-214

Exploring Hotspots of Drug Offences in Toronto: A Comparison of Four Local Spatial Cluster Detection Methods

pp. 215-238

Research Notes/Notes de recherche

Questioning Canadian Criminal Incidence Rates: A Re-analysis of the 2004 Canadian Victimization Survey

pp. 239-261

On the Use of Crime Rates

pp. 263-277

Punishment Severity and Confidence in the Criminal Justice System

pp. 279-292

Trends in the Seriousness of Youth Crime in Canada, 1984-2011

pp. 293-314

Book Reviews / Recensions de livres

Book Reviews / Recensions de livres (April/avril 2013)

p. 315

Books Received / Livres reçus

Books Received / Livres reçus - April/avril 2013

p. 316

Coming Events / Prochains événements

Coming Events / Prochains événements: (Published in the language submitted / Publiés dans la langue dans laquelle ils sont soumis)

p. 317