restricted access   Volume 1, Issue 1, 2013

Table of Contents


Launching TLI: SoTL’s Purposes, Processes, and People

pp. 1-4


The Transformative Potential of the Scholarship of Teaching

pp. 5-18

Validity through Dialogue

pp. 19-21

A New Scholarship of Classroom-based, Open, Communal Inquiry

pp. 23-33

How SoTL-Active Faculty Members Can Be Cosmopolitan Assets to an Institution

pp. 35-40

SoTL Inquiry in Broader Curricular and Institutional Contexts: Theoretical Underpinnings and Emerging Trends

pp. 41-57

Going Public with Pedagogical Inquiries: SoTL as a Methodology for Faculty Professional Development

pp. 59-70

Postcards from the Edge of SoTL: A View from Faculty Development

pp. 71-79

Faculty Learning Processes: A Model for Moving from Scholarly Teaching to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

pp. 81-93

Evidence of the Impact of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Purposes

pp. 95-105

Assessment Might Dictate the Curriculum, but What Dictates Assessment?

pp. 107-111

One Important Lesson I’ve Learned from My Involvement with SoTL

pp. 113-116

SoTL in Verse

pp. 117-119

Principles of Good Practice in SoTL

pp. 121-125

The Challenge of Contextualising the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

pp. 127-130

On the Margins of SoTL Discourse: An Asian Perspective

pp. 131-145