restricted access   Volume 49, Number 2, Spring 2013

Table of Contents


All You Know, and: You Can the Hair (Pink Angels)

pp. 175-177

The Human Condition, and: The Queen of Spades

pp. 178-181

Reminder to My Past Self in Which I Employ the Scientific Term Drunken Forest, and: Past Life Evaporation Riff, and: I Sip an Herbal Tea Called "Gypsy Cold Care", and: Accidental Theft: Crazy Quilt

pp. 196-202

Studio, and: Piano

pp. 214-216

Heat Lightning in a Strange Land

p. 217

On Translating Ghalib

pp. 236-243

The Story, and: Daughter

pp. 252-254

Study Skins, and: Decoy Birds

pp. 255-259

Without Thinking about It

p. 269

Our Story in Snow, and: Decade

pp. 270-271

Metamorphosis, and: The Effortless

pp. 276-277

Kowtowing to Lord of the Knives

pp. 278-282

Sun Sets

p. 283

Daughter, and: Nesting with Spoons

pp. 284-287

Ghost Tours: Houdini

pp. 302-303

Dead Finch, and: In 27D

pp. 304-307

During the Autopsy

pp. 308-309

Mating Call of the Re-creation Panda

p. 310

Studying the Small Hill

p. 342

Postscript, and: Palms, and: Inscription for Air

pp. 343-347


The After Dark Club

pp. 182-195

The Hobo and the Archivist

pp. 218-235

The Intervention

pp. 244-251

Season of Risks

pp. 272-275

Going across Jordan

pp. 311-341


Once Again to Zelda

pp. 203-213

Crimes against a Wrecker Driver

pp. 288-301

Visual Art

Artist's Statement

pp. 260-268


pp. v-ix