restricted access   Issue 75, Spring 2013

Table of Contents

Articles and Essays

Printing, Writing and a Family Archive: Recording the First World War

pp. 1-32

Battles on the Barbican: the Struggle for Trade Unionism in the British Building Industry, 1965–7

pp. 33-57

The Criminal Underworld in Weimar and Nazi Berlin

pp. 58-80

‘The Trumpet of the Night’: Interwar Communists on BBC Radio

pp. 81-100

Beyond the ‘Red Vicar’: Community and Christian Socialism in Thaxted, Essex, 1910–84

pp. 101-124


The Future Uses of History

pp. 125-145

Historian's Notebook

The ANC’s London Recruits: a Personal Story

pp. 147-157

Feature: Mass Observation Then and Now

The Meanings of Happiness in Mass Observation’s Bolton

pp. 159-189

Humphrey Jennings, the Left and the Experience of Modernity in mid twentieth-century Britain

pp. 190-212

Research Methodology in Mass Observation Past and Present: ‘Scientifically, about as valuable as a chimpanzee’s tea party at the zoo’?

pp. 213-235

Historians in the Street

Occupy Collecting

pp. 236-246


Entrails of Empire

pp. 247-251

Self Reflections in the Mass

pp. 251-259

Upending the Telescope

pp. 259-264

Making God Speak English

pp. 265-273

Loss and Permanence

pp. 273-281

Soho Magic

pp. 281-286

A Trotskyist’s Tale

pp. 287-297

Memory and Community in 1926

pp. 297-305


p. 306

Report Back

Emancipation, Slave-Ownership and the Remaking of the British Imperial World (review)

pp. 307-310

Unofficial Histories (review)

pp. 310-314


Tony Judt’s Twentieth Century

pp. 315-320