restricted access   Volume 28, Number 2, Spring 2013

Table of Contents

Readers Respond

pp. 3-4


The Jewish Vote 2012

p. 5

Faulty Wisdom in Spielberg’s Lincoln

pp. 5-7

More Wars for the Middle East?

pp. 7-10

Rabbis Get Boxed In: Criticism of Israel at a High Price

p. 10

Politics & Society

Envisioning a Thoughtful and Caring Child Welfare System

pp. 11-20

Her Books: Moving My Mother’s Library to Al-Quds

pp. 15-18

A Spiritual Way of Seeing

pp. 17-27

The Mondragón Cooperatives: An Inspiring Economic Hybrid

pp. 23-26

How Ancient Religions Can Help Us Transcend the Civilization of Greedy Money

pp. 27-32

Rethinking Religion

Reimagining Judaism: The Great Teshuvah

pp. 31-39

What’s Next in Faith-Based Community Organizing: A Rolling Jubilee

pp. 36-38

We Are All Victims of War: Veteran Liberation Theology

pp. 39-43



A Visual Critique of Racism: African American Art from Southern California

pp. 41-48


The Criminal Caste

pp. 49-51

Physics Through a Jewish Lens?

pp. 51-54

Does Zionism Have a Future?

pp. 54-58


Blossom Road

p. 72