restricted access   Volume 65, Number 1, March 2013

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. vii-viii


American Studies as Accompaniment

pp. 1-30

“Negroes’ Number One Hero”: Doris Miller, Pearl Harbor, and Retroactive Multiculturalism in World War II Remembrance

pp. 31-61

“Indiscriminate and Shameless Sex”: The Strategic Use of Sexuality by the United Farm Workers

pp. 63-90

Tseng Kwong Chi and the Eugenic Landscape

pp. 91-118

“Delighted and Instructed”: African American Challenges to Panoramic Aesthetics in J. P. Ball, Kara Walker, and Frederick Douglass

pp. 119-155

Forum: Visual Culture and the War on Terror

Introduction: Visual Culture and the War on Terror

pp. 157-160

Arabs and Muslims in the Media after 9/11: Representational Strategies for a “Postrace” Era

pp. 161-169

Black (Counter)Terrorism

pp. 171-176

Real War News, Real War Games: The Hekmati Case and the Problems of Soft Power

pp. 177-184

Seeing Guantánamo, Blown Up: Banksy’s Installation in Disneyland

pp. 185-192

Drone Encounters: Noor Behram, Omer Fast, and Visual Critiques of Drone Warfare

pp. 193-202

De Oppresso Liber and Reflecting Absence: Ground Zero Memorials and the War on Terror

pp. 203-214


Black Radicalism, Marxism, and Collective Memory: An Interview with Robin D. G. Kelley

pp. 215-230

Book Reviews

New Wave Arab American Studies: Ethnic Studies and the Critical Turn

pp. 231-243

Hollywood Follies of 1938

pp. 245-250

The Religious Revival: Narratives of Religious Origin in US Culture

pp. 251-259


pp. 261-264